Rescued Guinea


picture of tri-color sheltie guinea pig

Our Ambassador
Our Mission

To provide a safe and loving haven for abandoned,or unwanted Guinea Pigs.
To rehabilitate, care for, protect and eventually re-introduce them to
loving families, that will appreciate and care for them in an
appropriate environment.

We do both
Adoptions and Rescues

Contact us:

Name: Crystal Humphrey

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Cage Suggestions
Friends and Donors is a project of the Sons of the American legion Post 204 Sellersburg Indiana.

Click to see our pets on Petfinder!

Map to Our Shelter

Guinea Pigs are our speciality we are located in sellersburg Indiana which is north of Louisville Kentucky west of Cincinnati Ohio east of st Louis mo and south of Indianapolis Indiana,. we do adoptions and rescues from any situation where a guinea pig has lost a home, we then attempt to find a new home for those  cavys, the local cities around us include Scottsburg, Clarksville, New Albany Charlestown, Madison cordon, Borden, Salem in Indiana , Fort Knox st Mathews in, (KY  IN) we have found that the word guinea is easily misspelled such as giny ,ginny, jiny jinny ginnie etc this is so you can find us even if you misspelled the name, if you are looking for a small animal we can help, we have offered and resolved problems with homes by simply recommending a different kind of bedding for your Guinea Pig if you find that it seems that you are allergic to your guinea pig. you might actually be allergic to the pine or cedar ceder i dint know which is correct bedding. we accept any kind of donations, weather it is food,cages or whatever. as a side money making project we can and will custom build c&c cages to your specifications. We do not ship animals and do  require some minimum criteria before you can adopt. w are not in this to make money just take care of wayward animals so we only ask for a $5,00 adoption donation per animal. we are located in  and near zip codes 47172, 47150, 47130, 40200.  since we are a project of the Sons of the American legion any donations are tax deductible as you would be donating to them. Please request a receipt for any donations. thank you for reading the aforementioned information, most of it is just fluff for the search engine to find us since we are just starting out